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(from 1997)
"... a technical showcase..." - CGW
"...simple enough for the whole family to play..." - MCR Online
"[a] gem..." - Voodoo Extreme
"By the way, I think CyberDome has to be the best freeware I have ever seen." - Jay Stocki, nVidia Developer Relations

CyberDome is a very fast-paced 3D space shooter. It runs and looks great on all modern hardware acceleration cards.
Download the complete CyberDome game here.  It's available free!
CyberDome™ is a space-shooter that takes place in a dome located in cyberspace. You are in training with a super-secret Corporation that has recruited you to become a CyberAssassin. You must complete all of the missions or you will be vaporized to protect the secrecy of the Corporation.
There are eight training levels to get you familiar with the controls. Then you must complete 64 handcrafted levels to avoid vaporization.
All objects in CyberDome are fully general 3D objects, including the dome, the stars, and the enemies. Your ship flies with a complete 6-DOF (degree-of-freedom) model. CyberDome has been tested on a wide range of 3D video acceleration cards.
Works with 3D hardware accelerators
The screen shot was taken running on a Rendition V1000 board in a 640x480 window.
The gaming experience on a Voodoo-based system is pretty incredible. It's just like playing a coin-op.

Special Control Mechanism
The key to CyberDome is an innovative auto-targeting system. In most space-shooters, you spend a lot of time watching the radar screens trying to find enemies. I hate that! You can sometimes ask the system to target the next nearest enemy but all it does it change the color of a small dot on the radar screen. With CyberDome, the auto-targeting feature rotates your entire ship to face the enemy. Suddenly a space-shooter game that was as tedious as Wing Commander or X-Wing to play - one where the player spends all his time looking for enemies to shoot, then loosing them, and then searching for them on the radar screen - is transformed into a fast arcade shooter. Of course, if you over-use the auto-targeting you'll end up smashing into a lot of bad guys and the game won't last very long.
Pressing the '/' key or button 2 on a joypad or joystick results in the entire ship swinging around to aim toward the nearest target. Successive presses target the next-closest enemy in turn. Instead of spending most of the game searching for enemies, the player spends his time actively fighting them. The player gets to see his bad guys while he chases them rather than hope he doesn't blink when - and if - they fly by. So much time is spent watching little blips on the radar screens that games like Wing Commander might just as well have been programmed on an Atari 2600.
Try playing with just two fingers - your middle finger on the '/' key on the numeric pad, and your thumb on the 'INS' key on the numeric pad. See how long you last.
Hardware Acceleration
CyberDome is very fast on any PCI or AGP Pentium-based computer. Of course, since it uses the SuperSet™ Game Engine, it is compatible with virtually all hardware acceleration.
With a hardware accelerator, the game can easily be played full screen at outrageous resolutions (depending on the RAM in your graphics accelerator) with high-color graphics, resulting in a true arcade experience. Try out High-Res rendering on cards like 3Dfx Banshee, SLI Voodoo 2, and nVidia TNT.
On CD, CyberDome includes an 8 minute high-tech high-energy CD Red Book Audio mix of "Sanctuary" by Rick Lambright. The downloaded version contains a version of "Sanctuary" optimzed for MIDI playback. Click here to listen to Rick Lambright's rocking soundtrack in Generic Midi™. Or get an MP3 of the original CD mix!


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