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Thursday, February 25, 1999 -- Music! Music! Music!

As I reported in this article, I am now an expert on compressing music, including some of the legal issues.

As a result I went back and recompressed the music I had composed into nice small beautiful sounding MP3 files.

And here they are. Again, the style is new age. I like 'em. Maybe some of you will too.

Downtown – inspired by walking around downtown LA.

Goth Mar - inspired by ... what else ... goths.

Seaside - inspired by living near the ocean in Newport Beach for fifteen years.

South Coast Plaza - inspired by the clock in the carousel court at South Coast Plaza shopping mall - one of the ritziest shopping malls in the world.

Sunrise - inspired by early morning jaunts up the freeway from Newport Beach / Irvine to Los Angeles.

Walking - inspired by walking on the Bluffs of Newport Beach.


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